Seems the Lumière brothers were predestined in offering us a medium capable of such clarity. Still, to this day, after all the technological changes of the medium, it is on our shoulders that lies the responsibility of directing our gaze in the right directions. Enabling us, perhaps, on rare occasions, to make real one of humankind's greatest illusion; the desire of being of positive influence in the world we live in. 

Muybridge horse

Positive Interference was founded 
in Los Angeles in 2008 and relocated in Montreal in 2010 by filmmaker Gilles Tassé Lafontaine. We specialize in the production of linear, interactive and imersive documentaries and have sharp and faithful collaborators in Vancouver, San Francisco, Paris, Marseilles, Hong Kong and Mumbai.

We have a special interest for locally rooted and socially conscious productions and are available to produce and support emerging filmmakers with a particularly enlightening vision.

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